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Credit card consolidation is an effective option for many people trying to pay off credit card debt. If you’re thinking about whether debt consolidation is a good idea for you, you are probably juggling several credit cards, and struggling to make monthly payments on each of them. If you’re only paying off the minimum each month, you may be overwhelmed by the mounting interest, which makes it harder to pay down the principal amount.

Credit card consolidation programs with reputable debt relief companies are a proven method to help people tackle credit card debt.

At American Debt Advisors, we offer a way to eliminate credit card debt payments. When you receive your free credit counselling session, ask about how to consolidate your payments into a Debt Management Plan. If you qualify, you get to pay one monthly payment to your credit card companies and you benefit from the incentives they may offer you without putting your home or other assets at risk. Talk to one of our credit counsellors and find out how to enrol today or scroll down to continue reading more about our debt management services.



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